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I am Nakry Im, French with Cambodian origins. Alternative medecine is a family passion that I share with my mother, my aunts, and my sister who is also a shiatsu therapist in France. I have discovered the wonders of shiatsu when living in Japan in 2003. I am giving shiatsu treatments since 2019.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage therapy based on the Traditional Chinese Medecine principles. It considers that body and mind are working together keeping each other in balance. The power behind this collaboration is named Ki or vital energy. This energy flows along the meridians which are channels running throughout our entire body performing their functions in order to make us living in balance and in harmony with the universe. This balance may be distorted because of external factors like accidents or viruses or internal components like emotions or genetics. It is the goal of shiatsu to help the body to restore this balance and let the energy flow harmoniously in the channels.

To restore this harmonious flow, I will use hand or finger pressures, stretchings and mobilisations.

A shiatsu treatment is given on the ground on a futon, and the receiver has his/her clothes on.


Location and contact

The practice is located in De Pijp area in Amsterdam in a nice and quiet building on the corner of the Lutmastraat and the Robijnstraat between the Amstel river and the van Woustraat.


Lutmatstraat 211A-Hs 1074TW Amsterdam


  • Shiatsu treatment 60 minutes

€ 65, -

  • Shiatsu treatment 30 minutes

€ 40, -

  • Shiatsu experience (1st treatment)

€ 50, -

  • Gift card 60 minutes massage

€ 50, -

Most premium health insurance policies cover some of the cost. You can check here

I am a member of the Shiatsu Association of the Netherlands (SVN), and licensed by the national umbrella organisation for complementary healthcare (RBCZ), and registered at the complaints and arbitration body for complementary healthcare (Klachtenfolder van het SCAG)

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